Unplug Challenge


Reboot is a different paradigm of a Jewish organization, founded to use culture to reawaken Jewish feelings among the religiously unaffiliated. Young thought-leaders from media, technology and Hollywood gather at its annual, invitation-only retreat in Park City, Utah to brainstorm about how to reinvent Jewish traditions for the modern age. Attendees have run the gamut from New York Times reporters to Weeds creator Jenji Kohan and writers for Saturday Night Live and Six Feet Under.

One of the more attention-getting ideas incubated at a retreat is the National Day of Unplugging. A global concept open to everyone regardless of faith, it’s a big picture translation of the core concept, the Sabbath Manifesto Project, that encourages Jews to power down every Friday night and observe the weekly day of rest (those who do so kicking and screaming can find some comfort in using the free Sabbath Manifesto Smartphone app to “shut down technology with technology”—it lets you post a Twitter and Facebook message announcing when you’re unplugging).

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