Unplug Challenge

Connect with loved ones.

  • Shloime

    What do I do when I’m alone? Maybe write a letter…?

  • Steve Weinberg

    See my comment to principle #1. They conflict. I say it’s OK to videoconference with Savta and Sabba on Shabbat.

  • a35mmlife

    such an important part about shabbat for me. feels like the umbrella for all these other principles.

  • jayden

    I am not religious at all. and consider myself to be the opposite of spiritual. but every friday night, i will light two candles and take a moment to think about my mom and then my dad. it is one of the only ritual parts of my life even though it makes me kind of queasy to even type that word.

  • http://www.beamcamp.com briancohen

    Shouldn't we be connecting with loved ones every day?

  • sue_anne

    I wish there wasn't the connection between unplugging and connecting with loved ones. Frankly, technology has brought my family together closer than it ever has in the past. If it weren't for social media, I doubt that I would know what's going on in the lives of many of my family members. We are spread out all over the country. I'm several thousand miles away from one of my favorite nephews, and yet I was able to congratulate him within hours of him becoming a father. That all happened on Facebook.

  • regard

    If we do not leave the earth to rest all his works, then God will bring all recreation ground, with or without our will. It is therefore very important to know God, His character, and its working.
    And if love never fails, then the true God through Jesus Christ, saved us from eternal death because we loved – and then the Sabbath was made for man …
    Unite with God first, and then you can unite itself with people …

  • Moshe

    No. Read & listen to yourself and your world. And the rest of the week find time to connect with people of similar values, whether through going to events, writing letters, calling, e-mailing, Facebooking, etc. So that eventually you're not spending Shabbat alone.

  • Battistini Roberto

    I'm a Ben Noah, who fulfills the Seven Noahide Laws, and I have to NOT celebrate regularly the Shabbath in the Jewish manners. Anyway, agree with several Rabbis, I think it's very important to find a day per week (generally placed at the end of a work period) to takes time for the family, to give space for dialogues, a free tv day, a special time to share with others. Well, the unplug theory is very basic and relevant even for bnei noah.

  • Melpobre

    Why connect with loved ones only ? How about connecting with the unlovables ?

  • http://twitter.com/RANONEGlobal RANONE


  • http://twitter.com/reyburnphoto Reyburn Photography

    I agree with @Sue Anne, I think it is possible to use technology even on a resting day to connect with loved ones. However, I know it is SO easy to get distracted with facebook, email, etc when I get online, so it would be important to set some limits. I live in Scotland and my family live in America, so I wouldn’t have a problem Skyping with some of my family members in the States – but I would like to set a particular time, turn Skype on, connect with them, and then turn it off. That would certainly be different, and much more restful than turning from a great conversation/video chat to facebooking, emails, random blog posts, etc., etc…..

  • Mark

    Connect with God – for sure a loved one – by attending shabbat services….and at the same location…connect to a community

  • Renewlife

    Should do this every day….sabbath should raise the bar

  • anydaynow

    Perhaps 1) could be interpreted as “Avoid mindless use of technology” if it’s for an edifying, intentional purpose that’s different than the mindless addiction a lot of us have to screens. I know I’m not the only one unintentionally going to bed in the wee hours of the morning thanks to the addictive charms of the Google search. Or how about mindless TV watching? Skyping or calling loved ones is something else entirely.

  • anydaynow

    Make challah and take a loaf to your neighbor–I think you’ll have a guest the following week 🙂

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