Unplug Challenge

Light candles.

  • swabby429

    Scented candles are very nice when taking a luxurious bath. I keep them close to the tub as a safety precaution. I live alone.

    When using candles elsewhere, I use the battery powered “candles” inside of a colored holder. That way I can drift off and wake up later without worry for my safety.

    Of course I use a regular candle on my shrine for daily meditations.

  • jayden

    i have come to love candles. i use two. one reminds me of my mom. the other of my father.

  • Jake

    Wow soo cool! We should light them before sundown.

  • Sharon

    When our children were young, we used to gather together as the Sabbath hours approached, and we would light some oil lamps..signifying that the Sabbath hours were upon us. It is a time to reflect, be at peace with yourself, your world and with God. Put your worries away for 24 hours….they will still be there don't fret! We get so busy during the week, Sabbath was the day spent together as a family as we worshiped together, did activities indoors, outdoors, hiked, played games, made homemade crafts & cookies, read, helped others and just enjoyed being a family. The boys are grown now……what wonderful memories!

  • bruceegert

    My destiny was to go to work on Saturday rather than establish the day as my time for rest, relaxing, reconnecting, etc. Over time I integrated more and more of these necessities into my life so that I no longer depend upon vacations, time off or get-aways to recharge. Shabbat is a gift to us and we must make the most of it.

  • graymatter

    I light them every Friday. I live in a totally non Jewish area and just lighting the candles symbolically sets me apart. The candles look peaceful.

  • Ben Baker

    There is nothing like an open flame to show the active/re-active part of recreation/re-creation.

  • Leslie

    Making bouquets from the garden (even a winter garden can offer lovely bouquets) and then coming in and lighting candles and playing classical music, ahhhh, we all mellow. Beauty and light in the dark of night.

  • Cvde

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  • Joan Stuchner

    The candles are always part of our Shabbat, and juice not wine for me because wine gives me headaches. For me the Shabbat candles are like the Ner Tamid.

  • Jakeoff124

    time for the people who light candles on shabbot to come home.

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    I know how you feel Jayden. I’ve never regretted the day I first put scented candles in the living room. The smell is so relaxing, I’ve fallen asleep lots of times.

  • Kishmir Intuches

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  • Roger Richard
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  • anydaynow

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