Unplug Challenge

Nurture your health.

  • Todd Rosenberg

    I actually gave up red meat like 4-5 months ago after reading ‘Eating Animals’ by Jonathan Safran Foer… I seriously think I feel better since letting it go. If you’re lazy like me and wanna ‘feel’ healthy this is an easy out. If you need help… read that book. PS. I couldn’t get thru Everything is Illuminated…

  • Dan Fost

    I took time today to go running. Not always easy to fit in exercise, but important!

  • http://twitter.com/jahfurry jahfurry

    I am a huge fan of the afternoon constitutional. With a swift gait you both get in shape and also meditate. For the National Day of Unplugging I'm going to take my walk sans iPod!

  • ezra

    I think Shabbat nurtures your mental / psychological / spiritual health. No doubt about it. But I think that active physical health like jogging or going to the gym goes against the vibe of the sabbath. The Sabath is a break from those types of activities too. That's just my opinion.

  • mardigrasinco

    I think unplugging the iPod too has to be one of the key elements of a day of Unplugging. I know so many people who would turn off their computer, cell phone, blackberry, etc., and before settling down with their favorite book, flip on some tunes on their iPod. Kind of defeats the purpose in my opinion.

  • Tess

    Todd, there's a movie of “Everything is Illuminated” which is wonderful and very powerful. 🙂

  • Laurie

    I love that many of the things we might do on Shabbat (or any day for that matter) to nurture our bodies also protect the planet: walk instead of drive; eat plants instead of animals; consume less while chilling out and living in the moment.

  • Melpobre

    Who does not ? It's a natural drive of all living species who wish to survive.

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    With a swift gait you both get in shape and also meditate. For the National Day of Unplugging I’m going to take my walk sans iPod!

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  • Rena

    I think that what Ezra is saying is true about Shabbat. It is more than a day of rest and recreation. Shabbat has a spiritual side to it that goes beyond the physical world. It has to do with connecting to something greater and trying to improve ourselves by learning more and asking questions.

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