Unplug Challenge

Unplug and Eat Together

By unplugging from technology, people have a better chance of reflecting on their food choices.  For the National Day of Unplugging 2012 we’re sponsoring an “Unplug and Eat Together” campaign in honor of Sabbath Manifesto principle #8, “eat bread” in conjunction with Slow Food USA and Hazon and numerous other program partners.  We’re encouraging thousands of people tuning out from technology for the NDU to come together with family, friends and loved ones over healthy, affordable and ecologically conscious meals.

We hope you’ll take the challenge to unplug and interpret principle #8 (or any/all of the other principles!) in a way most meaningful for you—share a table with friends and family, gather a group for a tour of your local farmers market, collect donations for your community’s food pantry—it’s your NDU.

About Slow Food USA— Slow Food is an idea, a way of living and a way of eating. It is part of a global, grassroots movement with thousands of members in over 150 countries, which links the pleasure of food with a commitment to community and the environment.  Learn more about their work from Plate to Planet and Good, Clean and Fair.

About Hazon–Hazon’s programs are multi-generational and give entree points for Jews of all backgrounds who are concerned about the environment and the world. Hazon serves a national and international population; members of every denomination and those who are unaffiliated; intergenerational from children to seniors – including families and singles, with a particular focus on young adults interested in developing the skills to take on leadership roles in their communities and make a difference in the world.

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